5,000 years of Tea Culture, now in Yorktown Shopping Center!

Whether you’re a Tea aficionado or a beginner, we will guide you through your journey through 5,000 years of tea culture that results in your perfect cup of tea!

Our premium selections of teas have been handpicked from around the world. We carry many varieties and grades of White, Green, Oolong, Pu'erh and Black teas. We have Asia's finest green teas, including ceremonial grade matcha and the traditional tools for the complete matcha experience. Find a large variety blends of Rooibos and Herbal teas, too!  We carry the accessories to make your perfect cup of tea at home, from porcelain teapots to cast iron tea kettles, tea sets, teacups and mugs.

Stop by our store where you can surround yourself with the teas of the world, and enjoy a freshly made cup of hot or iced tea from our vast selection.

Shop online when you need tea or tea accessories shipped to your home or office, or as a gift for friends and relatives.

We offer the best Afternoon Tea experience in the Western suburbs! Skip the trip to Downtown Chicago, forget about expensive parking because we've got free parking.  Find out why our customers rave about the food and the relaxing atmosphere that is a hidden treasure at Yorktown Center.  Join us on any day of the week and indulge in a unique experience with a tower of food, fresh fruit, pastries and a marvelous pot of tea!  You can also reserve the tea room for showers, office meetings, birthday parties, book club meetings and special celebrations.

Need a break from shopping?  Pull up a chair and calm your nerves with a cup or pot of tea and a few sweets.

Now under new management, visit Tea Canal's only location in Chicagoland.  Check out the new teas that are on our shelves! 

Drink for your health!

Recommended for fighting and preventing disease!

dr.li smTea is considered a superfood -- whether it's black, green, white, or oolong tea. All those tea types come from the same tea plant, Camellia sinensis. The leaves are simply processed differently. Green tea leaves are not fermented; they are withered and steamed. Black tea and oolong tea leaves undergo crushing and fermenting processes.

Green tea is loaded with polyphenols, a phytochemical with 100 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C. Polyphenols help eliminate free radicals, which can damage DNA and lead to cancer. He further proved that green tea induced p57, a protein that helps regulate cell growth.

Black tea may help protect against various forms of cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, and rheumatoid arthritis, according to Dr. Jack Bukowski and other researchers at the Bringham and Women's Hospital in Boston. They found that drinking 20 oz. of tea every day for two weeks doubled or tripled the immune system's output of an infection fighting substance called interferon gamma.

Listen to a medical professional discuss the cancer fighting benefits of the different teas! 

(Credit Dr. William Li, MD, www.sharecare.com)


Note: As always, consult your physican or health care professional to determine if this is right for your needs!




Inspiring Deaf Ladies Club

 Introducing Windy City Tea

WCTC logo labelTea Canal is proud to launch its very own Windy City Tea (tm) brand.  Our first shipment of raw, natural honey produced by Saad's Bees in Elgin, IL is available now!

Look for more exciting Windy City Tea products to come!

Reserve the Tea Room for your Special Occasions

Our elegant Tea Room is available for all of your special occasions!  New offerings include a global twist to High Tea.  



The reviews for High Tea under new management are in!

 "I brought my two girls age 7 & twelve for High Tea! What a great experience! The cucumber sandwiches were divine and the rooibos blueberry tea was excellent!"   

 "Great way to spend my burthday, LOVED those cucumber sandwiches! Great way to try new teas!"

 "A fantastic experience, the food was delicious!  We enjoyed all of the teas we tried."

 "The food, tea and service was wonderful! My sister and I look forward to returining!"

 "I hosted a bridal shower here.  The food was phenomenal!  Phil was great to work with and thought of all the details."

  "The food was delicious.  They were accomodting to our dietary needs.  The tea was perfectly brewed."

 "The service was fantastic, it waas nice to be consistently asked if needed more of anything.  The tea selection was very nice, Overall, we were very pleased!"

 "Great experience, nice staff, tasty food and a fun excursion for me any my friends.  I will recommend to everyone I know that likes tea."

 "We love it, it was delicious, relaxing and even with my two ten year old girls.  We really enjoyed it."

 "We thought it was better than High Tea at the Drake!"

 "Everything was so fresh!"


Tea Canal is your Matcha HQ!

matcha benefits

Matcha has been consumed for over a millennium in the Far East, and is now considered to be one of the most powerful super foods for the health conscious person.